As per JT Tran, you can meet, seduce and bring women to bed, all from the comfort of your home. According to JT Tran, with the Get Girls From Home system you will be using chat, messaging and texting for attracting hot women online and there is zero chance of failing. And since you are not face to face with her, all the nervousness you have communicating with her evaporates. Further it seems this system works no matter if you are broke, short, fat, bald or possess absolutely zero sense of humor. The program offers you ready made template openers that have been tested to work time and again. You can just use them by doing a copy and paste. Even if you make a mistake when composing the message you can delete and start again.

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This post was inspired by a reader of mines who goes by the pseudonym Italian Greg. He had e-mailed me in reference to online dating and online game on a whole. I also wanted to give some pointers when it comes to profile photos, especially for guys who are having a bumpy ride traversing the online-dating world.

F ounder of the ABCs of Attraction, JT Tran is regarded as the world’s number one Asian dating coach. Also known as ‘The Asian Playboy’, JT Tran has been in the pickup artist game for over a decade.

That — and just don’t get it when it comes to dating he says his techniques can make lady killers anybody virtually overnight. Ten to study the Bible and finished by putting imaginary line. But — has managed to Duncan’s — — — — com. Growing up Asian American my sisters and I were painfully aware of the biases. But it was worse for my brother. Pop culture is full of Asian dirt caricatures. You know the assumptions good at math not so good with the ladies. That’s where — T trend comes — and he’s the self styled Asian label and they’re going — — don’t.

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The Misogyny of Pick-Up Artistry: Why we shouldn’t stop at Julien Blanc

Katie says she has many asian women who want to exclusively date white men and the thought of dating men of other colours haven’t even crossed their mind. Many of these women who do not want to date asian men fall back on stereotypes as reasons they don’t want to date asian men Talking with Dr Jane Park, ‘Senior Lecturer’ Says there is a historical reason as to why asian men feel possessive losing country, culture and now women Jane says the reason why there are more asian women dating white men than vice versa is because of history, as propaganda focused on asian men.

Creating the image of asexual asians Nat tells a story about how she went out to lunch with her dad and friend, having verbal abused yelled at her Nat feels that people will think less of her when she is older and with a white man, Dr Jane agrees and says that its probably because he won’t age as well as Nat and to other people she may appear to be his mail-order bride They discuss how asian women are appeared in media, they’re either hypersexualised or docile, while asian men are asexual.

He primary thought is the offspring of the relationship, as a eurasian person he feels that race is always at the top of his mind because the world has this image of eurasians as ‘special’ He also talks about how some Eurasian men hate Asian men, suggests they discrimate against them so they will be able to differentiate from them. The most famous case being Elliot Rodgers who killed 3 asian men and several white men.

Elliot has videos on his channel where he proclaims his hate for asian men and white women who date them.

If so, then JT Tran would thank you. Why? Because JT is one of the most renowned, successful and stylish dating coaches in the world and blowing away expectations is what he does best.

There is a YouTube video by Australian YouTube star, Natalie Tran, that has been making the rounds in Asian cyberspace recently in which she exposed the cyber hate that she receives due to her being in a relationship with a white man. Although Tran’s documentary is certainly well-intentioned, and has received some considerable praise, I can’t help but feel disappointed. At the beginning of the documentary Tran shows us some examples of the abusive comments she receives, and declares that A lot of other Asian women who date Caucasian men, and have some kind of presence online, also receive a lot of these comments as well Neither of these points sit well.

The second point is problematic because the implication is that Asian women are somehow uniquely afflicted by this kind of cyber bullying. In fact, there is ample documented evidence that all but proves that any woman of any race with an online presence who dates interracially will be targeted because of it. Plus, because the internet can be anonymous, it is almost impossible to actually identify anyone who posts comments on any site, so we generally have no way of knowing if the people leaving hate comments are actually Asian.

Tran’s first point is more intriguing. According to Tran “a lot” – but not all – of these hate comments are from “fellow” Asians, which makes me wonder why she chose to focus only on seeking answers to why Asians would be attacking her in this way? Is Asian opposition to her personal dating choices somehow a greater crime than, let’s say, white opposition?

IT Interview: Jerry “JT” Tran

Some guys are busy and online dating — even if it is racist — is better than nothing. Or does it have to be that way? What if Asian men could improve the online dating odds?

The latest Tweets from JT Tran (@theasianplayboy). Transformational figure in the Asian community. I’ve given talks at Harvard, Yale, Wharton & appeared on national TV helping minorities be successful & happy. Los Angeles, CA.

Or why online dating for Asian men sucks but online dating for the women who love us is basically awesome. You might even say internet dating is racist against Asian men. You actually have to expend more time, effort and resources to be successful in online dating than you would in real life. Online dating is unfair to Asian men, because the chips are already stacked against you.

This refers to interracial online dating; Asian on Asian online dating is business as usual. Some of you may be familiar with a few dating sites specifically catered towards Asian men and the women who love them. There are a number of websites where Asian men and women of all races chat, mingle and even meet up from time to time. The women that frequent these sites tend to disagree with me on this one, but they are speaking from their experiences. Essentially, all they have to do is post a few good pictures, look cute, get on the webcam and just wait for the private messages to start rolling in.

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Advice for Chinese men afraid to make the next move with a woman —- Jocelyn: What I was like? Well, I went into aerospace engineering, went to a technical college, I got a scholarship and degree and all that jazz. And I was a virgin, I had never kissed a girl up until the age of

JT Tran, the self-styled “Asian Playboy,” has built an empire from hosting dating seminars for single Asian men, who pay thousands of dollars to learn the art of romance from him.

Growing up Asian-American, my sisters and I were painfully aware of the biases, but it was worse for my brother. Enter JT Tran, the self-styled “Asian Playboy,” who has built an empire from hosting dating seminars for single Asian men, who pay thousands of dollars to learn the art of romance from him. It’s not hard to mess up when you’re nervous and you’re stuttering,” Tran said. When asked if he was profiting off of others’ insecurities, Tran said, “I provide a service and I do it in a very professional setting.

But after graduating college in , Tran said he tried blind dates, mixers and online dating, but nothing worked. He eventually started applying his systematic engineering skills to dating. He then decided to help his fellow Asian men, and a few non-Asians, become ladies’ men.

Listen to MF 080 : How JT Tran Went from Dateless to World Renowned Dating Coach now.

This was the Asian playboy. In every major city across the world, there lies a more duplicitous subset of the nightlife community. They often adopt an appellation to conceal their true identities as they intoxicate the nightlife scene gallivanting as modern day Lotharios, using seduction as their only drug.

JT Tran is the author of Online Dating For Asian Men ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews).

Instead of a podcast review, however, I see this as an opportunity to comment on young Asian male confidence or lack thereof in the dating game. The podcast features JT the Asian Playboy and Will the Better Asian Man , two dating coaches who run boot camps and workshops to help men with their game. They specialize in helping Asian men, but have clientele of various ethnicities.

JT stated that he chose the title to get your attention. Say what you will about Asian pick-up artists PUA. I think there are a lot of young Asian men who need some formalized training to improve their ability to meet, attract and connect with women. Don’t get me wrong: But there seems to be a significant minority of Asian guys who lack confidence and don’t romantically connect until much later in life.

It’s these guys that could benefit from the training and guidance provided by guys like JT and Will.

Why Online Dating Is Racist and Unfair to Asian Men

As a Korean-American woman, I grew up assuming that I would date, and eventually marry, an Asian man. It must have been watching all those Korean dramas that did it. But over time, I began to realize that there was no reason to close myself off from so many potential partners just based on their race.

What became more important to me was that he—whoever he might be—shared my core values when it came to life and family.

Why Online Dating Is Racist and Unfair to Asian Men by JT Tran · 89 comments A man in the top 5 percentile of looks will pull less interest than a Plain Jane middle-of-the-distribution female, and for guys who do NOT cut model-level cheekbones and 6’0+ height, the statistics are far grimmer.

March 9, In one of my all-time favorite shows, “How I Met Your Mother,” there’s an absolutely hilarious character named Barney Stinson that is obviously based off a pick-up artist. I’m aware that it’s just a TV show, but many of his observations coincide with mine – namely, his hot-crazy graph; basically, the hotter the girl is, the more willing men are to put up with her crazy. Unfortunately, I’m here to tell you guys that many, many beautiful and hot women come with a prescription for extra-strength CRAZY.

December 29, Too many Asian men consider being Asian a disadvantage in dating and sex. But being Asian is who I am no matter what. I’m not going to shove it in people’s faces, but it’s there and I’m not going to ignore it. And, in fact, I’ve found ways to use being Asian to be more successful in the dating scene considering that, in many cases, women have weak frames and you can easily pull a woman into your reality of being a man with a real defined sense of identity and culture.

How to Pick Up Girls as A Shorter Guy feat. JT Tran