Also, the name of this Game Update is a bit concerning. Drivan The 3rd ops boss and it has only taken them about a year! At this rate there will be a second operation by the end ! These people are pathetic. Drivan So 5 bosses, released 1 at a time finished by giving them the benefit of the doubt here lets say July. A year and a half… After spending 2 years focused ONLY on story content and before that spending a year milking the Shadows of Revan content. The most likely scenario is that they built new virtual machines, a quick, easy and extremely cheap process if you have at least 1 staff member that knows what they are doing then they decommissioned the old Virtual Servers. At that point it was a matter of restoring the game server state and testing the system to ensure smooth operation and no data loss. Disney will probably happily pull the plug once the existing contractual obligations are fulfilled. I was ok with them releasing the bosses over time.

Guild Wars 2 Game Client has stopped working

Random Draws I should probably stop playing Hearthstone, but it is a compelling trainwreck of randomness. I have completed the dungeon run on five classes. It is frequently unwinnable because you were not offered any cards that work together, or you meet a boss that is overpowered or a hard counter to what you have built, or just random draws of the cards. You can even lose the first fight if Bink the Burglar gets the best possible draw and you get the worst on some classes.

But the dungeon run also offers powerful upgrades, fun combinations, and easy access to cards beyond the reach of new players. When it comes together, you get to do amazing and awful things like using Boots of Haste, doubled battlecries, and Coldlight Oracle to play multiple late game creatures on your first turn.

Jan 19,  · How does GW2 assign matches in PvP? What factors count towards this and which not? And does it even work? The GW2 Matchmaking Algorithm (code): https://wi.

The Gold Standard must be broken. Heart of Thorns has finally released, after months of anticipation and a seeming promise to provide increased rewards across multiple sections of the game, while demanding more skill from the player base to acquire those rewards. Only, rewards are less than they were before release. Amidst all the changes a consistent trend is emerging: It all chains back to gold, and its lockstep relationship with gems and the money that buys them.

Unrewarding Rewards Several forms of content in Heart of Thorns have been intentionally re-tuned to retain scarcity and the resulting value read: However, there has been a good case of reward utilized several times in the expansion: Dungeons ArenaNet was upfront about this: It can be argued that dungeons were extremely easy for the gold reward they provided, and to an extent that was true. The shift in rewards is a direct representation of our focus on raids and fractals and our commitment to make them the best they can be.

Coupled with the quote above, there is a reasonable expectation that Fractals should have gained a lot of the value that dungeons deliberately lost, with the best rewards gated around increasing difficulty.

SWTOR Game Update 5.7 coming Jan 23

Black Widow is an unexpectedly amazing support hero to have on your team throughout the early and mid-game. Marvel Puzzle Quest effectively uses health as an energy mechanic. Therefore, healing and damage reduction are really great things to have: Marvel Puzzle Quest rates its heroes by stars, with more stars meaning a rarer, more expensive, and usually better hero and they have higher level caps. Black Widow is available in one-star modern costume , two-star original costume , and three-star gray suit versions.

Guild Wars 2 > News > Announcing Improvements to PvP and the Ladder Justin O’Dell has been busy talking to players about the information they’d like to see our matchmaking algorithm take into account, and he’s developed a system that can factor in a number of parameters. such as Reward Tracks, Custom Arenas, Spectator Mode, new.

The modifications to the engine include real-time 3D environments, [2] enhanced graphics and animations [13] and the use of the Havok physics system. The professions, three of which do not appear in Guild Wars, are divided into armor classes: There is no dedicated healing class [15] as the developers felt that making it necessary for every party to have a healer was restrictive. The race and profession of the player determines the skills they can access.

Guild Wars 2, like Guild Wars, uses a skill-based combat system, whereby players must select only 10 skills from a much larger pool, introducing an element of strategy. However, unlike Guild Wars, skill slots have predefined roles: Player versus environment features a scaling system that lowers the players level and stats to reflect the levels of monsters, thereby maintaining a global level of difficulty.

In player versus player , a player will have access to almost all skills and items, and compete at the fixed level 80, [18] so that all players will be on a level playing field.

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There is statistics in the following post. If you want a stats-less post, skip Setting a Baseline and Setting Priorities. Introduction Dungeon rewards are garbage. People run Ascalonian Catacombs all the time because the paths are easy, and the monetary reward is ridiculous. People just as often only attempt Arah Path 4 to finish off Dungeon Master or because they have the time for the extra challenge.

Tighten the matchmaking algorithm. Right now I can get matched up with people + or – my rating and this leads to games where I am either so bad compared to .

It has an advisory board of prominent social scientists and a new laboratory with researchers lured from academia like Dr. Gonzaga, who previously worked at a marriage-research lab at U. It has started a longitudinal study comparing eHarmony couples with a control group, and Dr. Buckwalter says it is committed to publishing peer-reviewed research, but not the details of its algorithm. That secrecy may be a smart business move, but it makes eHarmony a target for scientific critics, not to mention its rivals.

In the battle of the matchmakers, Chemistry.

World of Tanks Plans Better Matchmaking, New Light Tanks, Ranked Battles, Graphics Overhaul

But the in the return value the clamp is between 0 and 1. Following the code below it the clamp should be between -1 and 1. Jurrit talk You’re right, thanks for the change. I wrote the pseudo-code from memory while at home, so it likely contains other errors as well. I’ll make another pass after I finish pseudo-code for matchmaking.

QQMore is a learning platform centered around the player versus player content in Guild Wars 2. Beginners and experts alike are welcomed guests in the ever growing library of tutorials.

The minimum number of players that must be in a roster in order to queue. This is a performance fail-safe to keep the server responsive. This is an outlier fail-safe to ensure everyone gets a match. This is a fail-safe to prevent match quality from degrading further than preferred. Team will score rosters on a per-team basis, i.

Outlier fail-safe to ensure no one waits too long. This promotes profession balance. Pseudo-Code New February 7th [ edit ] A new matchmaker has been written to solve some of the failings of the previous while maintaining a similar flow. This new matcher will score rosters against both teams and the entire match instead of only considering alternating target teams.

This is most notable when scoring ratings as a roster’s fit is based on how it will balance team ratings instead of just how close it is to the target team’s rating. One additional scoring parameter includes a bonus for balancing profession counts. Behavior is tracked in the medium to long range through stacks. Each stack represents a duration that decays over time.

Every time you receive dishonor you also receive a timeout.

The Case for WvW Alliances (Part 4)

That’s what they look like to an inexperienced player, but you should take a look at the decklists of legendary rank players. Maybe one deck in twenty runs Ysera, and only one in three runs Ragnaros anymore. Rag’s on its way out – most topend druid decks don’t even bother with it anymore.

Pseudo-Code for function “predict” under “Match Prediction” states in the comment that a prediction value is between -1 and 1. But the in the return value the clamp is between 0 and 1. Following the code below it the clamp should be between -1 and 1. Jurrit (talk) You’re right, thanks for the change.

Monday, December 12, Git gud lol Since I’m working on the League of Legends matchmaking rigging or total incompetence , I have a weird flood of trolls saying “git gud lol”, meaning that I shouldn’t bother about the games strongly favoring one side from the start, I should just improve my mechanical skills to the point where I can just smash 2 enemies at a time, carrying the game alone. The problem with the “git gud lol” trolls isn’t that they are wrong.

The problem is that their advice is simple but hard. It’s obvious, but very hard to complete. It’s like telling every poor people to go to school and then university and become a doctor and then they won’t be poor. Factually true, completely useless. Advices that are actually worth something are pointing out something easy to complete which makes difference. Like my queue dodging suggestion. Pressing Alt-F4 isn’t hard. Looking up players on op. The results are stellar, my last month history has 58 wins, 34 losses.

However “easy” is not a good measurement. Lot of people suffer from waiting marshmallow experiment and find it hard to wait half an hour after queue dodge.

Feature Creep – On The Cost of Making Video Games

November 26, at 9: Microtransactions, particularly coupled with free to play, greatly open up the available audience AND the revenue potential. Someone has a price sensitivity threshold. This is pretty standard.

To better coordinate with the community, I’ll be maintaining a page on the official Guild Wars 2 wiki that includes most of the technical details for matchmaking, ladders, dishonor, and server configuration, including all the knobs and levers currently in use. This should come in handy, as we now have the ability to tweak matchmaking on the fly.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change?

Has there been too much? Meanwhile, many Americans continue to face change in their homes, bank accounts and jobs. Only time will tell if the latest wave of change Americans voted for in the midterm elections will result in a negative or positive outcome. Tergiversate This rare word was chosen to represent because it described so much of the world around us. Tergiversate means “to change repeatedly one’s attitude or opinions with respect to a cause, subject, etc.

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PvP Matchmaking Algorithm – Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) At the heart of PvP matchmaking algorithm is the Glicko2 matchmaking rating (MMR). This rating, which is an approximation of your skill level, helps match you with other players with similar skill level.

Apr 24, Hello, world! Previously, your ladder ranking was based on your matchmaking rating. Removing this link gives us far greater control over how the ladder progresses over the course of a season, as well as the hidden variability and volatility seen with the old ladder. More importantly, this change gives us much greater flexibility in both areas, without which many of the following changes would simply not be possible.

To accomplish this, we decided to move to a score-based search method that takes into consideration several metrics that we believe are important for a match to be fun. This rating helps us match you with other players near the same skill level. Now, in addition to your core rating, we will also keep track of ratings for each profession you play. By using more than one rating, we hope to encourage you to experiment with other professions you may not play regularly. Are you a really good mesmer?

Are you an engineer newbie?

Algorithms and Matchmaking panel at IWNY HQ 2012